Visual storytelling is the essential form of communication and for an ambitious client, it's fundamental to project his consistent presence across multiple platforms.
Filmmaker Company is experienced  in  various  genres of filmmaking  and  photography.  Our services  cover all stages of  production from script to delivery.
Our long lasting  multinational  advertising  experience  taught  us  to  think  strategically  and always be focused on the impact.
We are passionate and work hard, but alway with a fun level. Filming is a serious game where everybody  has to understand the situation. To feel and capture the right moment is a must in sport, to construct a unique visual appearance and use the optimum of given resources at highest level is a demand in commercial productions. We combine effectively these two shooting styles. 
Filmmaker Company is based in Budapest, Hungary,  but we are  available anywhere  in the world.  If required we have our professional equipment to shoot PR, Social and low budget adds, if you need high class production, we have wide expertise as well.
Creative solutions can be delivered anywhere, but not from everyone. 

Zoltan Marton

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